Materials Research Center

Human beings passed through the stone, bronze and iron ages. Many believe we are in materials age. The area of materials research has very broad scope and potential applications. Newly developed materials outperform conventional materials with superior properties such as high electrical, magnetic, optical and mechanical strength. They can have novel properties including the ability to recognize shape or sense changes in the environment and respond. The development of materials can even lead to the design completely new products including medical implants, miniature energy storage devices, display devices, etc. New or improved materials with superior performance for specific applications are nano materials, polymers, super/metallic alloys, ceramic materials, biological materials composites, electronic materials, semiconductors and so on. Different materials have varied applications.

At present, this research center is concentrating development of membrane for fuel cells, Lithium ion batteries and Cathode materials for Lithium ion batteries.


Now College teachers who have registered for PhD program are making use of the facilities at this center.


Facilities available:

· Membrane preparation facility

· Impedance analyzer for membrane and pellets at different temperature

· Palletizer

· Vacuum oven & Hot air oven

· Earlier literature & books for Super Ionic materials

S. Selvasekarapandian

 200-A, Thiruvalluvar Nagar


Coimbatore –641045,



To contact us:

Phone: 9443703089



Director: Dr. S. Selvasekarapandian